405 cyclists today

405 cyclists today | Rizal Farok

i cannot believe i missed the chance to make a 404 web developer dad joke by just 1! argh!

i walked past this sign almost every day on my way home from work since it was first erected a few years ago .. and i have been waiting since then to make a "404 no cyclists found" joke.

when i saw it from across the road earlier today, it looked very promising to me. at that time on usual days, it would have been about 5-600. but thanks (or no thanks?) to the Covid-19 situation, there's less people .. hence only about 400.

but from a far, i wasn't sure if it was 404. i told myself if it had been 400 to 403, i would have seriously waited for more cyclist to go past, to make it 404. but you can imagine my disappointment when i neared it, and realised it was already 405.


oh well, its back to the waiting game again then ...

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