Rizal Farok
Director, UI/UX Creative Developer
Riz drinks too much coffee, reads Ms Marvel Kamala Khan comics, listens to Pale Waves, and supports the Boston Celtics and Watford FC.
"my friends actually call me Riz"
hello. is it me you're looking for?
Podcast in Perth City, 125 Murray St Level 7
web development
software development
custom web software solutions
my personal gvimrc settings
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day of the year, today
just because its a verified account
strip bare the fluff, examine the substance
arty farty photo wannabe
the couch slump lifestyle
tumbling into obscurity
mostly comics, food, and TV related
mainly for re-tweets these days
the occasional family posts
globally recognised avatar
nothing much really
Albums by Rizal Farok
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Figures
official (and custom) figures
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan covers
fav covers, variants, and "milestone" issues
I Am Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
dressing up having fun
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan customs
my two Kamala Khan custom figures
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Bishoujo
my favourite official Kamala Khan figure (for now)
Captain Marvel figure
Captain Marvel Diamond Select Femme Fatales figure
Captain Marvel Q-Fig
4" Q-Fig vinyl Captain Marvel Carol Danvers figure
Jessica Jones Q-Fig
4" Q-Fig vinyl Jessica Jones (Netflix) figure
Chief BeiFong
Lin BeiFong Legend Of Korra PVC statue
Batwoman Bishoujo
Kotobukiya Bishoujo DC Comics Batwoman figure
Queen Medusa figure
Diamond Select Toys 9" Medusa figure
Kabuki by David Mack
boxed Kabuki variants, sculpted by Clayburn Moore
Shi action figure
boxed Shi action figure with William Tucci autograph
Vampirella figure
sculpted by Clayburn Moore
Dawn figures
Cry of Dawn variants and Diamond Femme Fatales Dawn Executioner
Dawn figures
Cry of Dawn variants and Diamond Femme Fatales Dawn Executioner
The Flash Francis Manapul
DC Designer Series The Flash by Francis Manapul
Green Lantern Simon Baz
New 52 Justice League Green Lantern figure
Optimus Prime
my unboxed Optimus Prime figures
The Expanse Rocinante
mini model of The Rocinante
Street Art, East Vic Park, 2015
the street art around our office area from 2015
Batgirl Street Art
the stages of the Batgirl artwork in East Vic Park
Sustenance from Tokyo, Japan, 2019
foodie shots from my Tokyo trip in April
Streewalk in Tokyo, Japan, 2019
walking around Tokyo in April
Pale Waves tees
wearing Pale Waves tees to work
NCBD Week 43 2019
individual cover shots of my pickups
Aroma Selera
my favourite Malay food restaurant in Perth
Our Ruby Girl
an Equal Opportunity cafe in Como with good Vegan and GF options
Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen
pretty good halal ramen located at Suntec in Singapore
Positano Risto
halal italian restaurant at Bussorah St in Singapore
The Halia
lovely location inside the Singapore Botanical Gardens
Goshin Ramen
good halal Japanese at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4
Apam Balik at Aroma Selera
a Malay pancake dessert from Aroma Selera
BlueSky offices
our office spaces over the last 8 years
Rizal Farok social media posts.
Expanse Dragon Tooth
Volume 2 via Kickstarter
Court of Thorns
book series by Sarah Maas
Game 1 win
NBA Finals 2024
Acolyte translation
Sol and Master Vernestra chat
Silo books
Hugh Howey trilogy
Muir Books
on Lindsay St, Perth
MO and ACS
Zen and Zeena on duty
Jaylen Brown MVP
Boston Celtics into the Finals
day 148
366 days challenge
Kate was Money
against Caitlin's Fever
4Y4D ago
Sandra resignation
The Partisan
caught up with Brian
day 141
366 days challenge
Kate Martin debut
WNBA season v Sparks
Emma selfie
at CyberWest Summit 2024
Team 3142
at CyberWest Summit 2024
sneaked out
to catch up with Aubree
CyberWest Summit
2 day conference at Pan Pac
Kate Martin
her leadership style
day 132
366 days challenge
day 131
366 days challenge
LinkedIn 16 years
16 year anniversary
day 128
366 days challenge
day 126
366 days challenge
by Hugh Howey
440 with Mona
last night was good
farewell gift
from the team (well, Sandra)
farewell lunch
mainly BlueSky peeps
day 120
366 days challenge
day 119
366 days challenge
Celtics Miami
Game 1 Trouble 0 7
closing a chapter
after 12 long years
silat pengantin
from back in 2005
this is 47
at Nazzar Cafe
day 105
366 days challenge
day 104
366 days challenge
Oriental Breeze
Middle Eastern cuisine
Ephemeral Oceanic
balls on the river @ The Quay
day 100
366 days challenge
10,000 points
for Jaylen Brown
silat pengantin
from back in 2016
CSS Mural
from back in 1993
wat da code
Alex Rider season 2
Little Bird Cafe
another option for me
kitchen renovation
in Clarkson WA
Asajj Ventress
is back from the dead!
Porzingis v Zion
a win after 2 losses
Windows 95
and learn to program in C
Winamp player
if it was actual hardware
Platform Interactive
website screenshot from 2010
portfolio 2010
found an old screenshot
updated footer
to reduce the clutter
the last time
Pale Waves
in Perth one year ago
Madame Web
can you climb a wall
meter tag
i just discovered this tag
wat da code
Greyzone season 1
plane fight scene
from Air Force One Down
day 77
366 days challenge
Brown and Saka
at last nights game
software solution
WADSIH Hackathon 2023
bye Felicia
with the Apollo Ghost
ninebot max
timeshift video from 2021
jQuery anim
on my old portfolio site
earliest archive
of rizalfarok.com.au
Rooftop Jump scene
to Ground Shootout scene
day 69
366 days challenge
kitchen cabinets
One Stop Reno World
cabinet maker
One Stop Reno World
home renovations
One Stop Reno World
personal website from 2003
Sunstone statue
via Kickstarter
Expanse Dragon Tooth
Volume 1 via Kickstarter
nonstop buckets
an awesome video edit
Jaylen Brown POW
East Player of the week
day 65
366 days challenge
Katara stance
new live action series
kitchen renovation
in Midvale WA
home renovation
at Watermans Bay
tribute by rickgude
day 60
366 days challenge
One Stop Reno World
added some subpages
Something French
with Dd yesterday
Ninebot Nour
the French flair
in Perth
There's a Honey
7 years already
wat da code
Tracker s01e02
JavaScript sucks
probably by a Java developer
Twilight Food Market
Perth City last night with Dd
pod lunch
for Tom's going away
Jaylen Brown
dunk contest practise
day 45
366 days challenge
day 44
366 days challenge
day 43
366 days challenge
wat da code
Furia s01e06
indoor soccer
Team 3142 from 2008
a murder of
not crows but pigeons
day 38
366 days challenge
mmkk figs
anniversary shot
10th anniversary
of Ms Marvel Kamala Khan!
at Nazzar Brunch Cafe
day 34
366 days challenge
instant quality
The Hunt For A Killer
E-Yooso Z-88
mechanical gaming keyboard
day 32
366 days challenge
day 31
366 days challenge
day 30
366 days challenge
wat da code
Furia s01e06
The Crow
by Skottie Young
day 27
366 days challenge
day 26
366 days challenge
day 25
366 days challenge
day 24
366 days challenge
day 23
366 days challenge
Felicia rang
so good to hear her voice
day 22
366 days challenge
first time in 20 years
day 21
366 days challenge
day 20
366 days challenge
day 19
366 days challenge
day 18
366 days challenge
bleed green
Celtics team plane photo
day 17
366 days challenge
Happy Birthday
to Heather Baron-Gracie!
day 16
366 days challenge
day 15
366 days challenge
day 14
366 days challenge
day 13
366 days challenge
day 12
366 days challenge
day 11
366 days challenge
Emilie Karras
Constance Labbé in Piste Noire
day 10
366 days challenge
day 9
366 days challenge
day 8
366 days challenge
day 7
366 days challenge
day 6
366 days challenge
day 5
366 days challenge
day 4
366 days challenge
wat da code
Astrid et Raphaelle s02e06
day 3
366 days challenge
day 2
366 days challenge
happy new year
first snap of the year
Astrid et Raphaelle
a French procedural
past 2 years ride to work
Juliette Nichols
Silo season 1 episode 3
Lady Jessica
Rebecca Ferguson Dune 2021
S23+ shots
test on my TPBs / GNs
S23+ vid test
portrait test shot
S23+ vid test
landscape test shot
Celtics win
Christmas at Lakers
wat da code
Hidden Assets season 2
the first one
still from my Insta360
mirror POV
flashback with the Ninebot
figures shot
S23+ test shot - mine
figures shot
S23+ test shot - Aubree 1
figures shot
S23+ test shot - Aubree 2
Luke's advice
from the noCompile(e1) podcast
Aubree's advice
from the noCompile(e1) podcast
Bea's advice
from the noCompile(e1) podcast
first S23+ arty shot
evacuation at 125
first real evacuation at 125 Murray
BlueSky website
went live 5 years ago
lunch and coffee
Samsung Galaxy S23+
my new unplanned Android phone
Optus not supporting
Messina Perth
finally! with Bea!
actual pistachios
Messina pistachio gelato
Gdubs Threads
GWW liked my thread
ride to work
my 3 rides compared
our podcast ep 1 is out!
mat yoyo regiment
Falcon Company Mat Yoyo
balls POV
Polygon Urbano 5
didn't record
we stuffed up episode 1
Community Coffee
caught up early this morning
Giant Coffee
with Bea this time
our podcast
about last night
Aubree's side
of the story of THAT day
Giant Coffee
caught up with DD
Deep Freeze
Diablo 4 Sorceress
Spirited Away
Studio Ghibli themed cafe
me doing silat
19 years 7 months ago
Advent of Code
just heard of this
me and Danielle
that one time with DK
the good times
these 2 with my hair
current Barb
low level, looks cool
new D4 char
started a Rogue last night
new D4 char
started a Necro last night
Aubree showcase
on her bug reporting tool
Gopher Luke
kicks off the Go meetup
GO meetup
the first in ages
Celtics Bucks
this photo hits hard
new Diablo 4 character
new Diablo 4 character
Diablo 4
finally on sale price
The Dance
of the True Landowners
silat pengantin
from March 2016
Blue Eye Samurai
available now on Netflix
Gelato Messina
now open in Perth
my fav Felicia
bye Felicia ..
like a diva
You Don't Own Me
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
Fall to Pieces
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
One More Time
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
Pale Waves, Perth, 21/3/2023
my friends call me Riz
the inspiration for my tagline
Twitter 15 years
apparently its been 15 years
classic Kamala
by Takeshi Miyazawa
made a decision
The Marvels
with Bea
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
by Carlo Magno
my highest photo views
Perth Go Meetup
first GoLang meet up in ages
surrounded by idiots
seen at Boffins Books
my spot
reclaiming my spot
2nd biggest score
Celtics just trashed Pacers
2 year anniversary
2yrs since i first met Aubree
one last time
125 Murray St Level 8
back on Ghost
i'm back riding the Ghost
so happy
for this babe!
Nandos lunch
for Aubree and Bea
Portside Boulders
Osborne Park. my first time
bouldering Bea
Bea was pretty amazing
proud boss
Aubree is amazing
my finale pitch
WA Health Hackathon 2023
hackathon top 5
didn't win. but still proud
my 3 min pitch
WA Health Hackathon 2023
hackathon weekend
WA Health Hackathon day 1
new art piece
Simply Strange & Alluring III
Pantheon season 2
on Prime AU from Oct 15
Hidden (Craith)
the best scene of season 1
Nokia 6300 red
one of my favourite phones
graduation day
already 20 years ago now
Halestorm cover
Empire State of Mind
cheese board
for Mentor It Forward
podcast technician
more like pirated sound techie
15m meetings
line from The Swarm
Diablo 3 flashback
bought this 10 years ago
foggy Perth
damn foggy this morning
Paste Thai
for your catering needs
Mono Cream Dr Martens
Sandra's first pair of DM boots
Play Inclusive 2023
my nephew in floorball action
mirror selfie
been awhile since my last one
cherry blossom
looks like its starting
21st August 2023
today's balcony view
The Painting
we finally have it up
8 months later
with my Polygon Urbano 5
17th August 2023
today's balcony view
stick to Stack Overflow
instead of ChatGPT for now
Aisha fight scene
Ms Marvel TV deleted scenes
RIP Bram Moolenaar
sad news for the Vim community
Apollo Ghost kick off
how i usually start my escooter rides
Blissiree app
how we brought it to life
Watford retro long sleeve
retro Iveco long sleeve knitted kit
L'or caramel espresso
nespresso compatible caramel flavour pods
boardroom style set-up
in our new events training room
rain is back
last burst of winter hopefully
good morning Perth
the view from Level 8 balcony
Age Against the Machine
came across a great book title
Ibby's Burgers
in East Victoria Park
125 Murray directory
now with company logos
FlightClub video
of me on a practice run
social darts in Perth
Solovair today
what i wore to work today
D3 Hardcore level 70
for the 3 rare Xbox achievements
for gmaps places i've added
balcony sunset view
sunday night sunset view
balcony view
this morning June 29th 2023
cold 0.8 Perth morning
it was bloody freezing
Diablo 3 Whimsydale
an easter egg section
BlueSky & Horizon
ground floor TV directory
The Diplomat
season 1 was a great watch
Necromancer now level 70
for the class specific achievement
Council House
in blue tonight
large font on Android
i am getting old for small fonts
foggy June morning
Perth Winter June 2023
Horizon Digital
merged with BlueSky
Crusader now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Witch Doctor now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Demon Hunter now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Across the Spiderverse
ad found in a suburban bus-stop
Oasia Hotel Downtown
a great building photo opportunity
Fu-Men Udon & Donburi
japanese halal certified restaurant
Creme & Cone
at Raffles Quay Lau Pa Sat
Joelle Jones poster portfolio
a great art book from one of my favourites
Decathlon Joo Koon
my first time. it was freakin huge!
made it to Hany Soh's Tiktok
but why choose one with my ugly attire !?
IPS Malay Dance Eid 2023
Woodgrove Riang Ria Aidilfitri 2023
Thai Boat Noodles
tried these at Vivo City
teppanyaki lunch
at the Northpoint outlet
CBTL breakfast 2023
is no longer worth it at all
Famous Amos Wisma
existing after more than 30 years!
mee bakso
Ayam Penyet Ria @ Lucky Plaza
soft boiled eggs
breakfast at Long John Silver's
Mother's Day
celebrating for the first time in ages
Shanti Pereira double!
first SG woman to win sprint double
KFC porridge
still as good as i can remember
Bhai's Chapati & Briyani
the best chapati in Singapore
Northstar 820X007
mens cupped sole sneakers
888 McDonalds
new outlet at 888 Plaza
first prata this trip
and it was at the Boon Lay hawker
Haig Rd Putu Piring
is now a franchise with multiple stores
food comatose
this Eid 2023 in Singapore
plane last row
my first time all the way back
Python WA meetup
Horizon Digital are now sponsors
Barbarian now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Monk now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Aubree hair colour
not what she wanted, but looks good!
Felicia seizure
i was freaking out
Eid 2023
last night at East Vic Park
balls for Eid
cinnamon donut balls from Nene
Wizard now level 70
for Diablo 3 Dream Team achievement
Mandalorian S03E08
great but underwhelming
Pale Waves TikTok
my video made it to the official page!
NFS Payback
for 20 AUD at JB
Grifter figure
decent sale price from JB HiFi
Pale Waves throwback
exactly 4 weeks ago at their gig
Level 56 Wizard
my current Diablo 3 character
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls
dug out the old game to finish
level 46
but not a great week
Mandalorian S03E07
finally a great episode
3 for 29
pretty good deal
for my Xbox One S
Cuccini Gelato
just around the corner
with Christina
Pale Waves photos
photos from their night in Perth
Cobram infused flavours
olive oil infused flavours
WAPF Mounted Section
mounted cops this early in the city
Pale Waves "mum"
big brother motherly love
Pale Waves Perth setlist
the setlist for last night
Pale Waves Perth 2023
Pale Waves was fucking awesome!
Perth ESS
City of Perth trial has begun
I Am Ms Marvel
snapped 7 years ago, today
hair colour: cobalt blue
a new colour after 5 months
Solovair 8 eye steel toe
my latest pair of boots, in black
JBL Charge Essential
new portable bluetooth speakers
Chicken Rice at Esplanade
we ended up here for lunch by the river
syntax error, or
missing variable, or "hardcode"
Kickstarter Graphic Novels
for BlueSky's book exchange corner
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Cosbaby
new Hot Toys Cosbaby figure
Urbano 5 carbon upgrades
carbon seatpost and saddle upgrade
Ms Marvel Pocket Pop Keychain
i have an awesome new cute keychain!
Crisis Protocol Ms Marvel
Kamala Khan miniature hobbyists figures
first event for 2023
and it's a birthday party
Marvel Studios Ms Marvel
found in Myer Perth
Puma Crosstwist Mid Blue
Puma Safety 633147 work boots
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan tee 3/3
third of my new Kamala Khan tees
happy holidays 2022
that time of the year for 2022
Urbano 5 beat the lights
cos i did not want to wait
Litepro handlebar and grips
upgrades for my Polygon Urbano 5
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan tee 2/3
second of my new Kamala Khan tees
Air Max 90 Lapis
Nike Womens Air Max 90 White/Lapis
Apollo Ghost action clip
early Sunday morning shoot
BTS of last week's Urbano 5 clip
behind the scenes YouTube short
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan tee 1/3
latest of 3 new Kamala Khan tees
Pale Waves will be in Perth
Pale Waves Australia tour announced!
Bo-Katan Kryze helmet
Star Wars Black Series helmet
Polygon Urbano 5 action cam
first action camera shoot
Polygon Urbano 5, day 3
some cosmetic upgrades
Urbano 5 cosmetic upgrade
my Polygon Urbano 5 now has tail pipes
Polygon Urbano 5
my new ride is pure pedal power
Heidi Anderson podcast
a Big Brother in da house!
Dark Trooper unboxed
Dark Trooper unboxed pop figure
Funko Comic Covers Captain Marvel
great find in EB Games
The Armorer, Bo-Katan Kryze
new additions to my workspace
Curtin DBE grad
with Jade and Salma
Samantha Jackson
podcast session with Becky
me and Becky
another one for the album
what i look for
when recruiting team members
Belmont Awards 2022 video
accepting Business Person of the Year
me and Toto
Young Investors Summit
me & Chrissy
Young Investors Summit
one year ago
i met Aubree
me and Rae
we look pretty good
Business Person of the Year
Belmont Awards 2022 winner
hair colour: purple
first new colour in ages!
New Balance 574 Grey/Green
first New Balance pair in ages
White Sisters
podcast session today
i was a guest
for West Coast Cyber
Galadriel and Photoshop
Galadriel on the splash screen
my photo in Co.Lab Liberty news
maybe should have gone with another
Air Max 90 Premium Pro Green
Air Max 90 Premium DH4621-300
not easy
saying goodbye
Air Max 90 Premium Gym Red
Air Max 90 Premium DH4621-600
Jade & Salma
end of their work placement
Savannah Phyffer
podcast session today
Danielle Kettlewell podcast
a Rio Olympian in da house!
Becky & Danielle
Becky Felstead & Danielle Kettlewell
Ms Marvel TV series ad
Kamala Khan on the streets of Perth
Becky & Chrissy
a new era
lychee mocktail
this was really good
Kickstarter shoes
new kicks via Kickstarter
is back!
Apollo Ghost, South Perth
a hero shot of my Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost POV
of my ride in to work
Apollo Ghost, my new ride
my latest electric ride
Jade & Salma
Subiaco AFC meeting
Jade & Salma
Curtin Design work placement
me & chrissy
our first selfie together
forking like you know it
new work experience
Co.Lab launch
thank you to everyone
my office view
125 Murray St level 7
100 plus
bought a whole carton
Ms Marvel Sega figure
PVC 7" SPM collection
ChicKing Murray St
my favourite restaurant
BlueSky Co.Lab verified
Google Maps verification
Breville The Barista
a new red office coffee machine
125 Murray St Level 7
Google Maps update
new Perth eRideables law
new legislation kicks in today
Belmont Awards 2021 video
accepting the Innovation award
163 Wright St last selfie
been a hectic week
parking spot
for my Apollo City
Fiido M3 500w eBike
my latest electric ride
Perth Scooter Gang
i recently joined a gang
meeting Gdubs soon
for the SWF online event!
i gave a talk
for the first time in ages
Belmont Awards 2021
BlueSky won the Innovation category!
Team BlueSky Oct 2021
our current team as of today
dad in Berita Minggu
featured in the Berita Minggu from 1981
Adidas Hiroko Takahashi
my new Adidas FY1588 kicks
Local Guide tote bag
for my Google Maps contribution
Kamala Khan we can do it
best gift from Jen
Team BlueSky
yesterday at Kooljaman
Djarindjin rebels
in the middle of the highway
DAC office
setting up at DAC
Djarindjin Roadhouse
good morning from the Roadhouse
Djarindjin trip 2
second trip to the region
Apollo City 10k mark
i just hit the 10k mark
Uniqlo RF cap
my initials on a cap!
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan items
from the Avengers game line
new office team visit
took half the team for a tour
current BlueSky office
is now up for lease
Jen leaving Perth
and back to New York
Lenovo Yoga 9i EVO 14" 2 in 1
my new personal laptop
The Mitchells vs The Machines
really enjoyed this one
Apollo City slow motion
leaving the office after work
Apollo City wrap start
just some parts first for now
Optus 5G network
to replace my ADSL
Estee last day
with Princess Cake
Ruroc RG1-DX Core
fits over my glasses
EOFY reflection
for 2020-2021
Pale Waves Heather message
i squealed like a fangirl
Gorillaz figures
Song Machine
Apollo City
beacuse lights
goodbye Lombadina
you were a great host
Lombadina morning
view from my cabin
Ardyaloon community
our set up today
Kooljaman beach
at sunset
Djarindjin airport
an all local work place
Lombadina sunset
the backyard of our accomodation
flying to Broome
first time flying in a long time
November Vol 2
Kickstarter backed
mocktail bar anyone?
would it take off in Perth?
Under Armour Mid Boots
my new daily pair
Casio B640WB-1B
my wishlist item on sale
Casio W96H-1B
my wishlist item on sale
Ninebot Max 1000km
current progress
pirated G-Shock
my new cheapo watch
Insta 360 Go 2 rain test
from yesterday's commute
May the Fourth
am i doing it right?
Insta360 Go 2 POV
from my bottom jacket pocket
Insta360 Go 2 Ninebot Max
shot some clips on my ride to work
Insta360 Go 2
new toy. that is all.
The Nevers
with Laura Donnelly
BlueSky flashdrives
our own branded usb drives
Ninebot Max keeping up
with a slow cyclist
BlueSky Ninebot Max
over pimped out maybe
Ninebot Max deck grip
cheapo eBay grip tape
Uniqlo hybrid down parka
to beat the morning ride cold
level 44
do i look the part?
six year ago, today
my first Ms Marvel Kamala Khan shot
we did it badly
and i have to take the blame
GoPro Hero 7
mounted to my ride
helmet now even more Marvel-ous
because it just is
Pale Waves Who Am I
finally received my copy
pimp my ride
my ride is pimp-ed
pimp my ride part 1
the easy ones first
Fanny's last day
and this was very tough for me
my helmet is more Marvel-ous
than your helmet
rethink. refocus
cos its about time
giving opportunities
and getting disappointment in return
Mounts Bay Rd
with South Perth over the river
South Perth Foreshore
with my Ninebot Kickscooter Max
Triple Eight helmet
new helmet for my daily commute
Optus Stadium shot
another shot from yesterday
Optus Stadium Ninebot Max shot
my Sunday morning ride
Sculpture by the Sea
is back for 2021
GoPro on my Ninebot Max
completed hooking it up
Remastered Original Spawn
just received my Kickstarter set!
Painkiller Jane Kickstarter
signed/numbered print and book
Ninebot Max to work
first eScooter ride to work, checked
Labour Day weather
rainy and thunderstorms
eScooter gang anyone?
i need weekend casual ride buddies
Perth escooter circle
for weekend casual rides
the new kid
is literally a kid
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan catch-up
catching up with my MMKK collection
Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max
yeah, we got an electric scooter
the BlueSkyberries
nobody else is doing it, but why shouldn't we?
Elecom M-HT1URBK Trackball
back to a finger-driven ball for me
Xperia 5 II wide test
test shot from this morning
Sony Xperia 5 II
my new daily mobile phone
pandemic fashion
i do wear a proper shirt sometimes
The Expanse Rocinante scale model
officially licensed, collector's edition, Kickstarter backed
before Disaster Girl?
a throwback to 11th May 2007
office workspace
updated to use only one monitor
another new developer
and another distracted boyfriend meme
2 more new additions
to the BlueSky development team
Jurassic World meme
and a happy new year!
London Court, NYE 2020
it was very quiet and empty this morning
one more bloom
for my office Monstera
saving my Peace Lilies
glad i rocked up to office today
VR Arrival in Vic Park
i finally got to check it out
7x uncle
i just got a newborn niece
Sagas of the Shield Maiden
a Kickstarter funded graphic novel
She Codes Plus 2020
graduation night for Fanny
i got an air fryer
since everyone has one now
Mandalorian S02E03
its Bo-Katan !!!
Toasftface Grillah final day
at their original Grand Lane location
my balls
showing off my balls
Tingkat regular customer
special privileges unlocked
Immaculate Collection
is 30 years old today
Solovair verified reviewer
i somehow have a verified tick
BlueSky internal signage
i finally got it sorted out
BlueSky Idea Cloud
an internal project
Solovair day 1
first time wearing this pair out
my first ever Solovair
Burgundy 11 Eye Steel Toe Derby
new office project
which involves 3D printing
Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe
time to decommission this pair
Ensign Beckett Mariner
is my new fav Star Trek character
peak Sakura bloom
behind my apartment
my creative developer wallpaper
is 10 years old today
new office plant
an Alocasia Cuculata
new office plant
a Ctenanthe Never Never Plant
my botanics hobby
i love checking out plant spots
Sakura 2020
no travel. no problem
Marvel Avengers game
ft Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Malaysian food on Bennett St
Monstera timelapse update
an update on my Monstera time-lapse
goodbye social life
thanks to these games
blooming Monstera timelapse
setting up my first ever timelapse
skipping this year's festivals
because i love my social distancing
of my photos on Google Maps
Express Yourself
Boston Celtics ball
for display on my office table
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan pops
decided to bring these to the office
new Watford FC kit and coach
new kit and coach for the 2020/21 season
fav Ms Marvel tee
this is my fav MMKK top
drive by Litte Matcha Girl shoot
drive by coffee shoot at Little Match Girl
drive by Imp shoot
drive by coffee shoot at the Imp Cafe
gvimrc settings
sharing my gvimrc settings
1997 Diploma Graduation
a throwback to my poly graduation
Eid Mubarak
a quiet night and a simple dinner, this year.
Frogponds new website
the new site is now live
Comic-Con At Home
today is the final day
new padawan
distracted boyfriend meme
Expanse Rocinante update
a photo update on the Kickstarter Roci
Ms Marvel fan birthday
Gabrielle celebrating her 25th
Bar Botanik
in North Perth
STGCC 2018
i miss dressing up for a ComicCon
Fridays at work
my job in the office on Fridays
Perth City
my view this morning
The Old Guard
from comics to movie
The Old Guard
with Charlize Theron
Dan's last day
with the Bluesky team
The Cure on a Subaru
we could be friends
Pod Co Coffee starter pack
eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods
50th issue 2nd anniversary
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan series
i lost my job
9 years ago, this week
a flashback friday look at BlueSky offices
A New Ms Marvel Story
a short story by G Willow Wilson
error 404
parking spot not found
Peace Lily
yet another new office plant
Apam Balik
at Aroma Selera
new office plant
a beautiful Golden Cane Palm
Ms Marvel by Victor Hugo
awesome lookdev fanart
Captain Marvel by Victor Hugo
awesome lookdev fanart
what i wear to work
Captain Marvel and Smashing Pumpkins
Captain Marvel, new assistant
i just enlisted Carol Danvers
Captain Marvel in Woolies
tiny toy section at the supermarket
Eid Mubarak
to all who celebrate
Eid 2000
20 years ago
Kamala Khan new pop displayed
with the old pop on my TV
teammates fashion
when unplanned things going fashionably well
unboxing Kamala Khan Gamerverse pop
this is my first ever unboxing video
cosplaying the Captain Marvel movie
all thanks to the SP MCIS tee
the 2 Ms Marvel Kamala Khan pops
both Kamala (boxed) pops, side by side
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan clips
choice clips from Avengers Assemble s3
THPS 1 and 2 remastered
the classic game is coming back!
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Pop
the new Kamala Khan Pop figure
Remastered Original Spawn
both figure and comic, via Kickstarter
photography light box
for my home and office needs
ComicZone shuts its doors
i miss being able to drop by for ncbd
Dr Martens Vintage 1460
my latest DM pair is one year old today
Kueh Bakar Berlauk
to kick off my iftar tonight
i spy Mt Fuji
3 years ago, today
Ms Marvel bookmark
an appropriate bookmark
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
this tag team pairing just works
level 43
achievement unlocked
Superstition, Birthday Massacre
one of my favourite Massacre songs
The Naked And Famous
on this Easter Sunday
Aries by Gorillaz
Sound Machine series
Chrissie Zullo sketchbook
i finally received my copy
GameBall trackball mouse
a new trackball i'm excited for
Toastface Grillah shuts its doors
at their Perth and Northbridge locations
Shibuya Crossing 2017
cos no Japan trip this year
ncbd week 14
nothing, nada, zilch, zero
ChicKing bucket
a Tuesdays promotion
this is The Cure
sorry, not sorry
work from home 2020
its been a long time
ncbd week 13
The Flash, Once & Future
405 cyclists today
missed by 1 to make a 404 joke
Woodneuk Palace
from a report in the Berita Harian
ncbd week 12
David Mack, Jenny Frison and others
BlueSky COVID-19 statement
and please stay safe everyone
Elsa Charretier Artbook Vol 1
funded via Kickstarter
Where's Wally
now is the best time to look for him
Plaza Arcade Perth
alleyway can look pretty
ncbd week 11
with Captain Marvel
Celtics are playoffs bound
we just secured a spot
Devs by Alex Garland
new mini-series on Hulu
Watford getting popular?
been wearing my jerseys for 3 days
ncbd week 10
with an assortment
no toilet paper
Perth panic buy sets in
Watford 3, Liverpool 0
what an amazing win!
leap year 2020
a post just because
LinkedIn trip cancelled
no thanks to the COVID-19 situation
Casio MTP-V004D-2BUDF
new cheapo watch with significance
new floorball stick
a treat for my nephew
Dr Martens Goku socks
fashion for a dinner date
Uniqlo ankle pants
Uniqlo's EZY ankle pants range
20 years in Perth
is actually a really long time
prawn satay
at Adam Road
HDB aussie barbie
yup. a barbie in a flat.
window seat photo
PER-SIN on Scoot
ncbd week 7
Wonder Woman, Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Kamala Khan and Iron Man?
in an Avengers BTS
homemade Baklava
to kick our morning off
Sunday brunch
with Intangible Duo
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Elsa variant
Magnificent Ms Marvel #1 variant cover
ncbd week 6
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan 6th anniversary
Feb 5th 2014 was the release date of #1
Jaylen Brown East POW again
JB named Eastern Player of the Week, again
Celtics 76ers
Celtics beat 76ers
Slam Magazine 226
in the Celtics we trust
ncbd week 5
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan and Invisible Kingdom
throwback Jan 2006
what i wear to work back then
Elsa's artbook all printed
and should be ready to be shipped!
Batman Beyond rejected variant
by artist Dave Johnson
Coach Brad Stevens
now with 300 Celtics wins
the 90s rang
they wanted their shirt back
ncbd week 4
with Wonder Woman #750
baby Aloe Vera is cute
little Aloe Veras in the office
proper ruler use
my mind is blown
office partitions completed
and the office now looks really good
office partitions project
my first DIY project for 2020
physical mailing list
Ehlers Danlos Society
ncbd week 3
with Low Low Woods
BlueSky Year Two
and we have grown in size
ChicKing Delite Burger meal
the girls always gives me extra
Jaylen Brown Beard Mode
cool JB "Beard Mode" animation
this is an awesome video edit
new global profile pic
updated an old one to this
2005 Subaru Wedding
in suburbia Singapore
Subaru FUCKS
Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special
ncbd week 2
the first Ms Marvel ncbd of 2020!
Dawn 1:6 action figure
expected in April 2020
derma roller
for my facial hair
Cafe Rasa Sayang
at Spencer Village
Our Ruby Girl Fan Friday
yours truly is the winner this week!
ncbd week 1
with The Flash
Watford v Wolves
a win to start the new year
Jaylen Brown POW
East player of the week
Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
sums up my life this decade
Salmon Poke Bowl
at Dark Horse Espresso
the Bees Knees
at Dark Horse Espresso
The Mandalorian Chapter 8
and season 2 just confirmed
couch slump 2019
my time on TV and Movies this year
Celtics beat Raptors
Christmas game, 118-102
Satay Christmas lunch
at Satay on Charcoal
of my photos on Google Maps
Popiah Basah
from Aroma Selera
we were prepared for Silk Road
dinner at Silk Road Cuisine
Thali weekend lunch
it has been awhile
824th on BackerKit for The Expanse
officially licensed Roci collectors edition
ncbd week 51
with two Jenny Frison covers
Stormtroopers on guard duty
The Mandalorian chapter 7
Marvel Runaways S03E08
featuring Cloak and Dagger!
Batman Beyond Eric Canete
"angry big head"
Happy Spider-Verse Anniversary!
"anyone can wear the mask"
The Mandalorian Chapter 6
was really good!
welcome to our office
at BlueSky Digital Labs
The Expanse season 4
drops this weekend on Amazon
Xmas deco or Ms Marvel
seen inside Enex Perth
Little Miss Marvel
my new Ms Marvel Kamala Khan tee
Pac-Man breadcrumbs
leading to a popup arcade
getting the science right
on The Expanse, the best sci-fi show
Captain Marvel figure
new album added
Captain Marvel Q-Fig
new album added
Jessica Jones Q-Fig
new album added
Chief BeiFong
new album added
Batwoman Bishoujo
new album added
Queen Medusa figure
new album added
Kabuki by David Mack
new album added
Shi action figure
new album added
Vampirella figure
new album added
Dawn figures
new album added
The Flash Francis Manapul
new album added
Green Lantern Simon Baz
new album added
Optimus Prime
new album added
The Expanse mini Rocinante
new album added
Batgirl Street Art
new album added
Celtics Nuggets
Boston Celtics wins 108-95
support your local comic shop
by picking up your pull list
ncbd week 49
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Baby Yoda soup scene
was a "tricky" shoot
Asajj Ventress statue
now available for pre-order!
foodie photography
is uhm, a serious business
Cinnamon Roll
new at Our Ruby Girl
The Mandalorian
this is the way
ncbd week 48
with Invisible ( Woman || Kingdom )
humpday selfie
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Snail Mail
my current music obsession
Tea Party
well, rather, it was a ginger tea party
Square Enix Avengers poster
featuring Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
retro Watford FC jerseys
from 83/84 and 86/87
Mee Rebus at Aroma Selera
best version of this dish imo
Baby Yoda
original concept art
Kickstarter campaigns
i've been backing a few lately
Watford retro jerseys
an early christmas gift
then vs now
my work life
the Twenty-Tens
my social bookends this decade
Lizard's Convention
i forgot about .. Kristine's band
Lion City Rock
reminiscing over SG memories
Confessions In The Pool
Ash at the Rosemount last year
another Celtics win
for 10 in a row!
ncbd week 46
with Wonder Woman
Gundam bomber jackets
Gundam is releasing cool bomber jackets
Celtics win
over the Dallas Mavericks
office scrunchies
cos i keep forgetting mine
Our Ruby Girl
an Equal Opportunity cafe in Como
MCU Captain Marvel
in really good condition from BigW
Sweeney and Elsa
getting noticed on Twitter
ncbd week 45
with my fav girl, and 2 of my fav artists
letting my hair down
on this week 45 hump day
summer headgear
its that time of the year
Spider-Verse sequel
come April 8th 2022!
Aurelia pool photo
my own apartment pool photo
Jack Ryan S2
new season i thought was pretty good
ncbd week 44
includes a trade and two floppies
Celtics Bucks
we beat the Bucks
Small Business Awards 2019
BlueSky was a finalist
Diploma Graduation
throwback to good old 1997
casual Ms Marvel
Safiyya as a casual Kamala Khan
and its live telecast too
ncbd week 43
some amazing regular and variant covers
La Belle Patisserie
my new favourite coffee place
The Expanse Rocinante replica
officially licensed collector's edition replica
The Widow wallpaper
The Widow adorns my mobile screens
Jaylen Brown extended
to a 4 year extension
Into The Badlands
i finally completed the final season
Toastface Grillah coffee
we sure do love our coffee at Toastface Grillah
S&R Orchard fav photo
from the recent Perth Saku Blossom festival
Ms Marvel TPB Vol 11
the first of Saladin Ahmed's era
ncbd week 42
with some recent issues of The Flash
Ms Marvel hump day flashback
to 2016 when my Ms Marvel Kamala Khan collection was only this small
Sam at the Garden
Samantha May on the parquet floor of Boston TD Garden
basketball is my favourite season
NBA regular season is upon us!
blooming Monstera!
OMG my new Monstera just had a leaf bloomed
ncbd week 41
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan and Buffy
Terrigen Mist over Perth City
be right back while i go rush in and gain my Inhumans power ...
YouTube Voice Search
on my Samsung SmartTV
Browser Viewport Assistance
get your browser viewport resolution
Lorem Ipsum "repository"
easily copy paste lorem ipsum text
Google Maps top photographer
thanks to 25,000,000 views of my photos
Lontong breakfast
at Selera Malaysia in Cannington
new office plant
its a Monstera Tauerii
Ms Marvel new costume cosplay!
with Maliha and Komal at NYCC 2019
Magnificent Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
this makes me happy
Ms Marvel in Square Enix Avengers!
best NYCC 2019 news so far
rainbow over Perth City
rainbow over Perth City on my way to work
Last Airbender on Netflix
and Toph BeiFong is the best
ncbd week 40
with Vampirella, Champions, and Daredevil
that time of the year
with the Boston Celtics and Jaylen Brown
a Ms Marvel Pale Waves Dr Martens fanboy
and my friends actually call me Riz
what Asian are you?
the real meaning
free office sofa
for the reception area
ncbd week 39
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan and Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
YouTube verification badge "debacle"
but at least i am still verified
ncbd week 38
great regular covers of Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel
Perth Saku Blossom Festival
up at the Perth Hills
trackball mouse
my webdev weapon of choice has always been the trackball mouse
ncbd week 37
with some awesome cover artists
ncbd week 36
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Spawn, and more
thank you Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
i got back into comics again after 14 years, thanks to Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
ncbd with Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel
and one of my fav artist, Sweeney Boo
Semantic UI for website
for the first time in 10+ years, i built a client website using an actual framework
sharing the Captain Marvel love
with a favourite client
Google Maps Augmented Reality
is now live for some users in Australia
what would Skeletor do?
is now my life guide
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dreams
is 26 years old today
Captain Marvel Qfig
from Supanova Perth 2019
The Crest Burswood
the view from The Crest Burswood luxury apartments in Burswood
Eid Mubarak
from me and my Perth fam
the Captain Marvel connection
is strong with a potential client of ours
Sunshine Coast Kangaroos
Novotel Twin Towers Resort
good morning Brisbane!
on the long drive now to Sunshine Coast, straight off my Japan trip
Captain Marvel Japanese poster
i flew all the way to Japan for this
teamLab Borderless
them Pale Waves Stone Roses trippy vibes
giant Gundam!
finally got to see the giant Gundam statue
everyone needs a bidet
aka the best technology in the world
Skytrain Jewel
Changi Airport
level 42
and i now know the answer
Captain Marvel, second viewing
and a photo opportunity
Microsoft HoloLens
them: isn't "computer coding" boring?
the drive home
sometimes, driving home from work late evening can be nice
Ms Marvel Captain Marvel commission
by Stephanie Hans, one of my fav artist
one last time, goodbye Google+
the only social media i was verified
goodbye Google+
farewell to my favourite social media
plane view
window seat view from my most recent flight
Ms Marvel Japanese Vol 2
Japanese TPB Vol 2
on top of the world
Jem Wolfie
at Toastface Grillah
new desk layout
my desk layout in the new office
not a mistake
i've been asked about the mobile models a few times now, and no .. its not a mistake
Pale Waves
fashion for today lunch
Ash (band)
at Rosemount, Perth
Babefest v3
Katie's kickstarter
in Leederville
if you don't know me (yet) ..
about this Creative Developer
We Are BlueSky!
We Are BlueSky!
DD's new apartment
Grand Lane
streetart and coffee pose
Pale Waves album
and tote bag to go
new Pale Waves tee
Winter Fest
2018 City of Perth
Galaxy Tab S2
my new toy for comics
new hoodie
of the Captain Marvel kind
MMKK tees
all my MMKK tees
ncbd week 17
with Batgirl
bikini trimmer
but uhm for my face
ncbd week 9
is very Smashing Pumpkins
Toastface Grillah
this amazing barista
bedroom wall
update to my MMKK wall
femme display
my femme fatales open display
David Mack Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
STGCC 2017 commission
Mirka Andolfo Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
STGCC 2017 commission
bedroom wall
all about Ms Marvel
ducking good
go wok in and try
MMKK sling bag
my new Kamala bag
Smashing Pumpkins CDs
i was a huge fan
View-Master reels
some very old reels
Tintin comics
i grew up on Tintin
Free Comic Book Day
another year attending
halal ramen
Shinjukugyoen Ramen Ouka
level 40 at Shibuya Crossing
a dream come true!
Rogue One
a Star Wars story
Nova #1 variant
ft Black Bolt and Kamala Khan
ncbd week 48
with Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
Hellcat Champions variant
Todd Nauck variant cover
David Mack Ms Marvel
David Mack's Champions variant cover
new global profile v4
another update, yet again
kindy niece
taking her to school
Brooke Allen Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
STGCC 2016 commission
Stephanie Hans Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
STGCC 2016 commission
youngest nephew
meeting for the first time
new global profile v3
updated social media avatar
us3 bros
in Avatar hoodies
Pascal Wild Blue
hero shot of my blue Docs
winter fashion
when it is not too cold
just Jen
against a Miss Spic work
me & jen
looking good selfie
with her Kitty Pryde tat
my new awesome tee
bumped into her
new MMKK profile photo
updated social media avatar
MMKK reflection
with red headphones
Free Comic Book Day
down at ComicZone
Close The Gap
Not Communities
Flash shoes autographed
by Francis Manapul, of course
Flash shoes
two different pairs
Dawn Prima Ria
my cousin's wedding
uncle's education
for my 2nd eldest nephew
fav uncle
when the fav uncle is in town
comic ladies
comic book club by ComicZone
Giants in Town
part of the art festival
Kamala Con day 5
Kamala Khan anniversary
i write code
my latest tshirt
your mom
serves more requests
MASK Hurricane
toys from my generation
from Kickstarter
wing mirror
love this photo
indo dinner
with the Google+ boys
global profile photo
my social media avatar
CSS classnames
for a current project
first comic
my first comic in ages
I Am Ms Marvel
little late to the party
Agnes Garbowska
at Perth Comic-Con
The Hardy Boys
books i used to read
The 3 Investigators
books i used to read
The Football Game
anime books
of my yougest SIL
Sidra Blue
Google Maps verification
is back in town
Diablo 3
X-Box 360 game
Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe
10-eye Brown Thermal Rub-Off
updated cards
renamed position title
X-Box 360 game
Casio G-Shock
old vs new
and her ballons
made redundant
the whole 3142 team
manda me noms
three of us, again
noms me manda
just the three of us
before biting
quotes for my workspace