mock interviews

mock interviews | Rizal Farok

attended an ACS event last night as a mock interviewer, helping future grads and current job seekers hone their interview skills. it was good vibes all around, with attendees very willing to learn and take on advice.

it was my first time doing such a thing, so i probably could have been a bit more efficient with my pacing .. but i was really at ease and in my element, being a mentor to such a group. and it helped that there were some familiar faces from the weekend's hackathon - hence they gravitated towards me at the networking session after, which felt good that they were comfortable with the tidbits of "life advice" i sprinkled during the hackathon, and wanted more of it.

huge shout out to Olivia, who afforded me this opportunity to "give back" to the community. i definitely look forward to do more of such events!

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