balls for Eid

balls for Eid | Rizal Farok

Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate!

we had our Eid dinner at Nene Chicken in East Vic Park, and they gave us some K-Balls as a promotion .. and they were awesome! i think it's the cinnamon that made it for me.

anyways, it was a quiet one for us (again) this year .. celebrating it at the Amana Living Transitional Facility in Bull Creek. the important thing for us was that my uncle was not spending it alone, with strangers.

the facility is basically a residential aged care - which is so much better than being in a hospital. but i still reckon it would be better if he's at home (with someone) with much familiar surroundings, and a garden he can keep himself busy with. cos even though the care here is really good, my uncle is very restless, and still wanting to pack his bags to leave.

but i think he is slowly getting to terms with it. does he like it? most definitely not. but when we explained he would need a carer at home with him .. that's when his "i don't want to burden anyone" mentality kicks in, and agrees to stay.

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