blooming Monstera timelapse

blooming Monstera timelapse | Rizal Farok

i noticed the other day my newly transplanted mini Monstera had a uhm, "spawning baby leaf". so decided to do a timelapse video - which i've never done before. did the research on the basics, managed to dig out my old Samsung S6, an old tripod, and a mobile phone holder.

the S6's camera has no timelapse (or hyperlapse) mode, so had to search for a decent app for it. found a free one, and had it all set up yesterday .. when i realised i should have my mobile phone plugged in. so managed to find a spare charger and cable last night, and i now have it all set up and ready to go. only unfortunate thing is .. i've missed the part where it started to "step away" from its parent.

anyways. hope this turns out ok.

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