ChicKing Murray St

ChicKing Murray St | Rizal Farok

ChicKing .. my favourite, uhm, restaurant, is now open on Murray St! today was their soft opening launch, and of course, i was the first customer.

gave Boss R a fist bump when i went in, cos it took quite a few delays before he could finally open it for business (it was meant to be open in December). so i'm pretty happy for him too. and like i mentioned before, i was very disappointed when they had to shut its doors in the city, and re-open in Bentley instead.

now that it has re-opened the City branch on Murray St, that is literally a minute's walk from our new office .. you know where to find me during lunchtime if you need me.

ps. other than Bioss R, the staff are new - no more Lily to give me extra chicken pieces. guess i'll just have to start new relationships!

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