closing a chapter

closing a chapter | Rizal Farok

happy hump day yo! just a heads up that i will be closing a 12 year chapter at the end of the month. i've made plenty of connections since deciding to work for myself back then .. from the G+ peeps who followed my adventures where i became good friends IRL with some of you, to the many clients i've worked with - including that one client who caught me puffing away at the carpark on their very first visit to the Belmont office but yet we still hit it off.

a special shout out to the team i've recruited and hired over the years .. we went through the good and bad together, but i need to mention that while it may not always look like it, i am actually proud to have witnessed many of you go on to do good things. and when some of you told me i was "more like a peer" to you instead of "just a boss being friendly", i took it as a compliment because i've always operated with that "boots on the ground" style of leadership.

thank you for allowing me to show you i really meant it when my pitch to you was that "you don't just work for me, but with me".

and to the people i connected with during my time at Co.Lab, where you came up to me while i'm clearing the bins, or laying out the catering food and drinks, or moving chairs and tables and crawling under wires .. to have a chat in the kitchen. you looked past what i was doing despite my position, and to this day, some of you still message me out of the blue for a catch up.

my mobile number has not changed, and my LinkedIn DM is always open. so how to contact me is still, well, SOP. and yeah. that coffee you've been asking of me at Eillo or Giant .. LFG!

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