Co.Lab launch

Co.Lab launch | Rizal Farok

firstly, a very sincere thank you to all who attended last night's opening launch.

general comments were very positive - the night went pretty well, people were impressed, and (hopefully) many are interested. for me though, i was kinda freaking out a little at the start of proceedings. if you know me, i like my operations to be in order .. but the little things didn't happen the way i felt it should. so i "rolled up my sleeves" and did stuff like serving the food, and even did some emergency mopping.

but once it all settled down, things were a bit calmer for me. i did go around a little to chat - but i generally like to stay out of the spotlight (hey, you've already seen plenty of me on LinkedIn!)

great learning experience though .. plenty of takeaways and hopefully future events would flow the way i would like them to.

we still have a bit more fit-out construction to complete after this - but it's now scaling back on the admin side of things, and more on the work fronts.