my creative developer wallpaper

my creative developer wallpaper | Rizal Farok

an early #FlashbackFriday post .. 10 years ago, i came up with this "creative developer" wallpaper. back then, i was one of those who regularly swapped my desktop wallpapers. i've always been into them "code-walls", but could never find one that suited me and what i was doing back then.

having worked on hundreds of websites and backend systems then, i figured why not use my own codes. hence, this wallpaper - a compilation of my own code snippets, overlayed together.

its mostly CSS, HTML, jQuery, Javascript, and Smarty (a PHP templating engine that was popular before Twig) snippets because these was what i was mostly working with, being mainly a #frontend #webdeveloper

10 years though, is a long time. an update is long overdue, but .. me too lazy.

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