Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe

Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe | Rizal Farok

i bought this 10-eye Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe back in 2004 when i needed a pair of smart work shoes, while still keeping "my style". and i regularly gave it a coat and shine to keep it as pristine as possible. but of course, over the years, the wear and tear is inevitable .. so i reckon its about time i decommission this pair.

while i still have my other two DMs (the Thailand Pascal Blue, and UK 1460 Oxblood), both are only 8-eye. and the 2B34 is also no longer in production. hence ..

i am considering switching to Solovair for my next "smart work pair".

#fashion #DrMartens #greeniepunk