Elecom M-HT1URBK Trackball

Elecom M-HT1URBK Trackball | Rizal Farok

after more than 10 years, i've gone back from a "thumb-driven" trackball to a "finger-driven" one, as my daily work mouse. and so far today .. i'm struggling to train my hand's muscle memory. don't get me wrong - i can still easily navigate and press any of the buttons i want, but its just not as "natural" as can be.

i first fell in love with trackballs back in the early 90s when i had a keyboard which had a trackball above the arrow keys. it then lead to multiple finger-driven trackball mouse over the years, until the Microsoft D67-00001 came along .. and it was all thumb-driven balls for me - Logitech Trackman, M570, and the MX Ergo.

but as with everything in life. sometimes you just need a change. so i decided to revert back to working out my fingers at work instead of my thumb, and settled on this Elecom one - mainly for its size and "programmable" buttons.

wish me all the best these next few weeks in trying to train my fingers again!

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