Fiido M3 500w eBike

Fiido M3 500w eBike | Rizal Farok

my new ride .. a 500w foldable eBike. but this post is not about the bike, but about the place i bought it from - Eazy Bikes Australia, up in Midland, where i experienced one of the best customer service ever.

i came in, got a friendly face, we had a short chat, told him (Adam) what i was after, and he proceeded to show me some options. for each, he gave good tips, their ups and downs, and did not try to sell me any at all - he basically just "imparted his knowledge" of each bike, to allow me to make the decision.

his Uncle runs the place, and i think his Aunt works there too. both were very friendly, and with natural unforced "smiling faces". and there were other customers constantly coming in, some new, some back for advice/repairs.

in the end, i decided on this model - even though i've seen it cheaper elsewhere. but i got it from them instead .. all thanks to their customer service (and uhm, possibly cos of Adam's Northern Irish accent?). also, just based on the other customers, i'm pretty confident of their after-sales service too.

i highly recommend Eazy Bikes Australia if you're in Perth and looking for an eBike. feel free to tell Adam i sent you their way (just mention the "boss" from BlueSky - which they did not know btw, until after i paid for my bike).

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