GameBall trackball mouse

GameBall trackball mouse | Rizal Farok

this .. is a new trackball i'm excited for, to use for my webdev work. as you know, i'm a trackball dev. cos, uhm once you go trackball, you never go back.

but my current and last few ones are thumb-driven, while this is more finger(s)-driven.

personally for me .. while i find finger-driven balls much easier to navigate, i sometimes get annoyed when having to constantly highlight code, cos my hands never mastered it. whereas with thumb-driven balls, highlighting code is much easier, but its not as smooth to navigate around.

but i don't mind switching back to a finger-driven ball for this model. its got a touch-scroll-ring (Kensington made the ring popular, but they were mechanical) and .. its a gaming trackball.

i mean most us devs are already using gaming equipment as our daily work drivers, including the mouse. so why not a trackball hey!

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