goodbye Google+

goodbye Google+ | Rizal Farok

9th November 2011. it was day 2 of my start at the UWA Web Office. i was waiting for the bus in the city, and decided to post this photo on Google+ .. and the next thing i knew, Perth Google+ peeps started posting photos of their footwear too.

it was a silly mini craze (among us) that went on for almost a year, but it was fun. actually .. the Google+ experience was very fun for me. i was there from the beginning, and its the ONLY social network where i got a verified status, made real connections and friends - 2 of whom i'm still best buds with, and was very active.

i felt "free" to blog like i'm on Blogspot again, post Twitter-y rants, proudly show off Instagram-y photos, and update Facebook-ey statuses to remind my family i still exist.

so its really sad to see it close down in 2 weeks. i have not found a replacement for it .. nor do i actually intend to. i'll make do with what i'm already on, and .. spent more time away from social media.

farewell Google+. will miss you heaps.

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