graduation day

graduation day | Rizal Farok

graduation day. tomorrow, 20 years ago. but it feels like it has been much longer than that.

if i remember correctly, we did not have a summer graduation then - which was cool, cos i got to wait for PP to finish up, and share our day together. both our families flew to Perth, and we managed to get some sight seeing in.

it has been a long journey since then, with plenty of ups and down. i've been programming since i was 12, but have always wanted to explore professionally, my creative side, which i finally got to do from about 2006. so life has been good to me in that department.

but for the next 20, i honestly still don't really have any concrete plans or dreams of what i want in life. honestly, what keeps me happy these days is watching them British and Scandinavian crime dramas and the occasional sci-fi, sorting my comics out while enjoying the artwork, and simply .. doing nothing.

no wait. actually, one of the little things in life i've always wanted to do is to own or work in a small cool bookstore .. sharing the love of creativity and imagination through reading.

yeah. i reckon that's a good midlife goal to have .. along with still getting all the makciks, aunties, and friends trying to hook you up with someone to settle down.

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