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homepage of one of my earliest personal website design. this is back in the day where animated GIFs were super cool, Linux was my OS, Vim was already my daily editor of choice, and .. i was still using "phunk" instead of "punk" for my online persona. funky.

that page counter though. lol. in the words of Aubree Howley .. "this is so early 2000s"

i found this cached thumbnail (i had to enlarge it for this post) on Photobucket, a site i used to host images for my portfolio site where i had screenshots of all the websites i have ever designed and implemented from 2000 to 2016 .. 185 websites in total.

but i was using a free account. when my account "expired", i was already at a stage where i wasn't working much on websites. so i let it expired, BUT .. the mistake was not backing up the images. so i no longer have all the screenshots of the websites i've done before 2016. <sadface>

#throwback #greeniepunk #devtools #flashback