hackathon 2024

hackathon 2024 | Rizal Farok

WAPOL x WADSIH Hackathon Saturday. i spent some time going around to some teams to talk to them, and gave advice for their pitch tomorrow, because .. 3 mins goes by very very fast. and chatted with some of the mentors, where .. at one point, along with some other participants, we could not help ourselves but joke about our Agile experience at work </laughs>

anyways. selfie is with the amazing "Team lastSheCodesIntake" who decided to get together to form a team as a social thing. i find this so cool cos it reminded me of why we had Team HealthBytes last year!

also met with "Team Dapth" but grabbing a selfie with them slipped my mind.

oh, and i uhm, made a cameo (at the 54s remaining mark) in the video of the WADSIH post here

#daWIT #greeniepunk