i gave a talk

i gave a talk | Rizal Farok

so apparently i am quite, uhm .. animated when i give a talk. well, whenever i talk actually.

i attended the South Metro TAFE IT Open Day at the Thornlie campus earlier today. BlueSky was to have a booth, and invited to do a 15min speech at the auditorium before the "networking" bit.

now, i don't normally do any public speaking cos i'm one of those who runs on emotions, get very passionate, and quite often ramble on and go off tangent. but i agreed to this thinking there was gonna be other companies also giving a talk .. and figured oh well, i can go with the flow and "work with" what they talk about.

but no. i was the only "company person" to give a talk. and i think i rambled quite a bit .. but apparently people didn't think it was as bad as i thought it went. cos we had nothing at our booth to showcase other than our banner, Nathaniel, and myself - and we still got genuinely interested parties coming up to us to have a chat.

so yeah. all good then. and thank you to the South Metro Thornlie campus, Denis Coldham, and Toni Khamhing for inviting BlueSky to attend!

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