LinkedIn 16 years

LinkedIn 16 years | Rizal Farok

erm, 16 years on LinkedIn. fun fact, i got on LinkedIn just because a good SG mate of mine started her role at LinkedIn (i used to bitch to her how bad the site's coding was). i never really took it seriously until i started getting contacted by other companies wanting to uhm, "catch up" .. but got tired of being contacted without them knowing what i really do.

this was when i was still with 3142. so i decided to get serious on LinkedIn .. in my own way. i wrote my job description and about me sections in such a way where it looked like a joke on the surface, but if you really read proper and in between the lines, you'd know the type of person i was and what i do at work.

anyone who contacted me after that, i gave them a bit more attention and consideration. and also yeah, i still have it on my profile here - see the Senior Resource Implementer description

#ConFUSEous #greeniepunk