MO and ACS

MO and ACS | Rizal Farok

Zen and Zeena (no, really) were working MOs today, and i decided to *finally* ask Zen how we knew each other. but .. she also doesn't know. i thought it may have been at the Pale Waves gig, while she thought i was a friend of a friend. but it was neither, and we both laughed. ah well, at least we both got that out of the way.

anyways. i was there to catch up with Olivia and Jerome to discuss ACS. some of you may know the story, but so yeah .. before meeting Brian the other day, i was hesitant. but i'm glad he connected me to both Olivia and Jerome - cos after all, i do need a new circle that is separate from my past 12 years.

oh and yeah .. you should definitely grab your coffee from MO if and whenever you're in the area - good coffee, no queues, pretty quiet (outside of lunch crowd at least)

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