Ms Marvel Kamala Khan pops

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan pops | Rizal Farok

those who have worked with me in the past would know how my workspace is very "busy" with my collectables and toys. this first started when i ran out of space at home for all my boxed figures, and was forced to unbox some and have them as my open figures display .. which, in turn, also started to grow and so i had to bring the "overflows" in to the office.

but i've not really done that since Sidrablue and BlueSky, though i've started bringing some in, recently - as you would have noticed if you've visited our office. but i don't think i'll be adorning my current workspace like before, cos i've got too many admin files and stuff these days.

having said that, i decided to bring these 2 Ms Marvel Kamala Khan FunkoPop in today. they've been sitting on my home TV staring at me every weekend. but since they don't take up as much space as the boxed ones, i figured i may as well bring them in to the office to keep me company .. sitting out the front as the receptionist, all alone.

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