Neurodiverse event

Neurodiverse event | Rizal Farok

i attended my first ever Perth Neurodiversity Network event last night .. and it was good. met a few other first-timers - who all (interestingly) found out about the event via LinkedIn - and everyone i spoke to was cool.

initially, i cautiously helped out at the start in wee bits, cos i did not really know anyone there. but towards the end, i took it upon myself to help with the "pre-cleanup" - sorting out the remaining pizzas, clearing out empty cans and paper plates, etc. the event was held at Engineers Australia, who had a team on hand to help "run" the event - kinda like Co.Lab. and so .. of course i made friends with them.

also finally spoke to Tele Tan, and explained to him the reason he's only interacted with Amel back in BlueSky days, was cos i was more the behind-the-scenes guy. but now that i'm free, i'm willing to help out in any way i can. he will also be sending a team for next week's WADSIH WAPOL Hackathon, so i'm looking forward to meeting the team (yeah, i should be in attendance)

anyways .. i did offer my services to Emily and Alexandra, and will definitely be trying my best to attend all their future events.

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