new Perth eRideables law

new Perth eRideables law | Rizal Farok

new Perth eRideables legislation kicks in today, meaning i can no longer do my average 38km/h ride to work. BUT. the stars sometimes align really well.

because also today, we're starting to slowly move into the new office. yes, to 125 Murray St. me and most of the team will be working from the new office on Monday, so i no longer need to ride in to work! well, even if i do, i don't need to go that fast anymore.

plus .. remember how devastated i was when my favourite ChicKing closed its doors in the city and moved to Bentley? well, turns out, he's reopening the City branch on Monday in a new location .. 2 doors down from us on Murray St!

also. Insans, which has been vacant for awhile, is now a new Indonesian place, also opening Monday - i now have even more options for lunch!

so yeah. the stars have really aligned well for me. 25km/h on a cycle track can kiss my ass.

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