one year ago

one year ago | Rizal Farok

today, last year, i met Aubree for the first time. i was giving a 15++ minute talk at the South Metro TAFE Open Day .. and she was the first to ask a question after i spoke.

it was a good question, and i liked the way she asked it. after the presentation session, i headed to the hall where our booth was, and she was already waiting there, wanting to find out more about BlueSky. i was impressed with her demeanor, and told her to send her resume directly to me - even though my mind was already made up about getting her in for a proper chat.

about a week later, Aubree came in, and Amel was also impressed. but she still had a semester to go, so we got her to do our standard tasks at her own pace - which she did pretty well, and so we got her in for our usual work experience (while affording her time to complete her TAFE course - which was not web development at all).

she tried her hand at a few different tasks, including both front and back end, and i was super impressed with her work and attitude that it was a no-brainer for us to offer her a full time role.

over the past few months, both Aubree's pod rep and senior dev have personally come to me to let me know how impressive she has been. personally for me, i am very grateful she chose to work for us - and more importantly, is enjoying the work she has.

thank you Aubree .. i'm excited to see you grow even more, and flourish at BlueSky!

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