Pale Waves "mum"

Pale Waves "mum" | Rizal Farok

it hit me the other night that this "big brother motherly love" in me will always be there, no matter the setting. i was at Pale Waves the other night, and being a crazy big fan, i arrived when the doors opened, hoping to be as close as possible to the front of the stage.

i knew it was going to be a small crowd, made up of "different" peeps, who will mostly be much younger than us. (hence i wouldn't mind if i wasn't in the first row)

and i was right.

there were some who were about our age, but they came later and were more than happy to stand behind - which is what i would normally do, but hey .. fanboy here.

during the first opening act, we sat back, until i noticed a spot to my right end of the stage, and decided to "park" myself there for the second act and Pale Waves - it's basically the end of the "second" row, where to my left, were peeps who were in 2s or more .. except for the one next to me (a Data Science student!) and in front of me.

both were by themselves, so i made friends. and i realised they were young huge Pale Waves .. who were afraid to lose their spots. but it was a hot night, and a small venue, where dehydration was something to watch out for.

so i told them it really mattered to me that they kept their spots, BUT they really need to go get a glass, or 2, of water. and me and Chrissy assured them we will protect their spots.

they look surprised, but really thankful .. and they went to get some water, while we made sure they will get their spots back.

and even during Pale Waves, we made sure they weren't pushed back by the few photographers there who (not all) had the tendency to squeeze into a spot and plant themselves there.

so yeah .. the "big brother motherly love" in me will always be there.

anyways, this image by Sethen Sheehan Lee .. has my arm and Insta360 Go 2 camera making a cameo!

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