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book pricing | Rizal Farok

same ( book && store && time ). different ( UBDI date && price ). my brain registered the cheaper one had scuff marks on some pages - which i didn't mind since its a book i wanted to read and not just for collection. so went to pay for the cheaper one, but it scanned as the other price. i pointed it out, and managed to get the cheaper price.

but i still think books cost too much than it needed to be.

and .. does anyone know what this UBDI date is, and if it's the reason for the price difference?

anyways, yeah .. i bought yet another book. someone asked if comics or books was the more expensive habit. i said i'm not sure yet - i've only just started to buy books everytime i can, but with comics .. it was monthly floppies (for a few series) and graphic novels. so for now, comics is still the more expensive habit, but that could change over time.

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