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4 years and 4 days ago .. this photo.

true story (yeah, i've been sharing a lot of stories lately, haven't i) i first saw Sandra about a year before we hired her. it was the TAFE Grad show, and it was my first time attending. went into the first room .. and she immediately stood out because, well, you know, its Sandra.

she was at the front and i honestly thought maybe she was the lecturer or tutor. so we went around to everyone else (in that first room) except her. but then it was some presentation time .. we left the room, nods mmhmms and claps, then went into the second room. but most have left by then, and i remembered saying .. "ok, then we have to go back to speak to that girl".

but she was not there. so we left.

a year++ later, i needed a new frontend person. Brady said he knows someone, and i said ok. and the next thing i knew .. it was Sandra who walked through that Belmont office door.

so yeah, since then, Sandra's someone i turned to a lot. not just for client work, but for anything else i may need help with .. like events and HR stuff.

but more importantly .. Sandra has been that one person who has managed to stop me from going all Platoon Sargent crazy angry on more than one occasion.

anyways. she's handed in her resignation yesterday. she has been looking .. and i'm glad i managed to connect her to her next chapter where she has the potential to really grow her profile.

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