The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian | Rizal Farok

The Mandalorian on Disney+ is only 4 episodes in, but it has been awesome. this is currently the only show i can't wait to watch each week, right on release time. good direction and production, and its got the classic Star Wars feel to it.

the latest episode was quite action packed, and we also (finally) meet Cara Dune (Gina Carano). i'm pretty sure we will see more of her as a recurring character, along with possibly Kuiil (from episode 2) - else it would feel like a waste having built their character up. my only issue with episode 4 was the almost instant "let's share our story" between Mando (is this derogatory?) and Cara - unless they actually do share a past together, which would be revealed in a future episode?

but yeah. you definitely need to give The Mandalorian a go, if you have not. story has been really good so far (although still a little too slow for someone with a short attention span like me) and it feels like it could go in any direction.

i have spoken.

ps. note that i am not a huge Star Wars fan, other than (1) Rogue One, and (2) The Clone Wars. but now, i can definitely add to my list, (3) The Mandalorian.

this is the way.