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The Partisan | Rizal Farok

caught up with my master Brian von Konsky at The Partisan yesterday. i was probably one of his weakest padawans, but hey, i think i still did pretty good in the end!

many of my own padawans would know this .. my use of the "blueprint analogy" for anything i can. well, fun fact, Brian was actually the inspiration for this.

my first year in Uni was after 2 and half years away from programming. having a strong procedural background .. i struggled with the OO concept. we were doing the Java unit then, and i kept going WTF do we need this bloody constructor thingy. but Brian was the one who finally made it make sense for me when he said something like "think of it as a blueprint for a house you're building".

and for the last 20+ years since then, i've always used this "blueprint analogy"

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