Tingkat | Rizal Farok

we finally checked out Tingkat on Bennett St last night for dinner. and it was really really good.

they have on menu their A La Carte dishes, and the buffet dishes. for the buffet, you have 2 options - a $40 per head option where you can refill as many times as you want, and the $20 (probably more popular) 2nd option where you get 3 "bowls" on a tray.

we both went with the "3 bowls" option - where you head to the buffet, and pick as many dishes as you want, that will fit in them 3 bowls. the main difference with the $40 meal is that you can't refill them.

the bowls looked small, but when you have many different dishes together, and with all the thick gravy and stuff that's traditional with Malay food, it really is a good heavy meal.

each dish we got, tasted really good - almost on the quality level of Nasi Society. and the staff last night was really very friendly too. we wanted the fried chicken, but they had none left on the tray. so she got the cook to top the tray up, put a few wings on a seperate bowl once ready, and handed it to us (we were already seated, enjoying away).

i highly recommend this place if you're into Malay food!

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