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VIM. i've been using Vim since Uni for ALL my coding. after graduation, when i had to use Windows, i switched to Gvim, which is a Windows port.

and till today, i get asked why Vim. well, its all down to how i've got it set up. with constant tweaking (to fit the current need), my settings allow me to code faster than most who use an IDE - and its down to mapping "shortcuts" to write a whole chunk of code (and then, automatically move the cursor back to where you want to continue coding).

so figured i should share my Gvim settings (gvimrc) on my page here.

gvimrc settings

note that i've left out many of my mappings cos its too much of (eg) etc, to "fit nicely" in a page - but i've left enough examples for you to understand and be able to come up with your own. also .. i mainly do TWIG frontend these days, so my mappings are pretty much mainly for HTML and CSS

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