VR Arrival in Vic Park

VR Arrival in Vic Park | Rizal Farok

i finally got to try the equipment at VR-Arrival in Vic Park .. even though i was there on that very first day they opened about 2 (or was it 3) years ago. they've got about 8 stations, each with enough space to allow plenty of movement during games.

(website) https://vr-arrival.com.au/

its definitely more fun rocking up with more than one person if you want to check it out - and even better if its a small group. there's enough multi player games to have a good time with your group. plus .. they also do corporate bookings for bigger groups, where you can even play them "team building" games like the "bomb disposal game".

i definitely recommend this place if you've never tried any VR gaming before. the staff here were really friendly and helpful .. and pretty cool to have a chat with too.

and for those worried - yes, they do have processes in place to make sure the headsets and controllers are cleaned before someone else uses them.

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