hackathon weekend

hackathon weekend | Rizal Farok

Day 1 WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH) WA Health Hackathon weekend is in the bag.

with only ONE coffee the whole day (apart from my usual first one in the morning) i managed to survive day 1. Team HealingBytes (that's us!) spent the better half of the day digging for more info and data, debated on what and how we were going to pitch .. and finally settled on an actually pretty simple solution, but would fix a huge problem.

well, most of the mentors agreed it would be a great solution - but they won't be the judges. so we shall see. it's one more morning tomorrow, before a `short-so-make-it-count` pitch after lunch. wish us all the best!

and yes, Aubree really was coding away.

#daWIT #BlueSky