hackathon top 5

hackathon top 5 | Rizal Farok

sorry yo. HealthBytes didn't win. BUT we really enjoyed ourselves throughout this whole Hackathon process.

it might be hard to believe, but we put a team together as a social thing - yeah we knew there's probably going to be some coding involved, which we do daily. but we figured this was not "client work", so it will be different, yet still something we love.

and i think i speak for the team when i say the part we enjoyed most was the information gathering - simply listening to the mentors explain and rant about issues and their frustrations. and felt that we did come up with a good and simple solution which solves a really big problem. it wasn't anything fancy or innovative, but very practical and feasible.

and honestly, that was my goal (not so much the team) that we had a solution that we can easily make an approach.

i really want to commend the team for being able to juggle daily client work coding, with this after hours coding - especially Aubree, who decided to build the backend in Go because "it's a good chance to test out packages i recently wrote". and Bea, who insisted we use the populated data from the provided datasets to display on the frontend even though it's just a prototype (i was the one who suggested we hardcoded)

for me though .. not sure if "old man oredy", but it's now 2 pitches/presentation/public speaking in a row (this pitch and last weekend) that nerves got the better of me. but at least, people still came up to us and said they love it cos it felt honest, passionate, and .. different.

finally, i'd really like to give a shout out to Tim Sondalini. past weekend, i saw him trying to sort out things like toilets and open doors, power cords, lunch, dealing with a broken HDMI, etc. you know .. the things i also do this past year and half. this work, i can really appreciate.

off to catch up on my TV. nites all.

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