what i look for

what i look for | Rizal Farok

this week and next, i will be at South Metro TAFE Open Day, North Metro TAFE Grad Showcase, and Curtin Design Grad Fest. in past years, i posted after the fact, what i was looking for. this year .. i'm posting before - so you have no excuse.

i am looking for YOU, the person, and not the code (or design).

how good your work is, is secondary to me. yes, your work needs to be pretty good, but most important for me is how you present yourself to me. be natural. show your passion. give me a reason other than your work, to make me want to give you an opportunity.

if you're nervous when speaking to me .. that is ok. that is normal. i don't care about that. just show me your passion and interest in the work you do. i'm a good people reader, and can read past your nervousness (or natural shyness).

i also won't be in any "boss clothing". i'll be in my everyday wear. so if you snub me for the person in a suit next to me (oh yes, it has happened before) .. that is your choice. i will simply scratch you off my list because you're obviously judging a book by it's cover, and that is not the culture of Team BlueSky.

and don't be arrogant. there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. you can tell me your work is the best to your ability .. but don't tell me it is better than everyone else.

finally. you most fluffing very likely do not know more than me.

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