XP5ii | Rizal Farok

about 3 months ago, i got an email saying my bought-for-its-camera Sony Xperia 5 II will no longer be supported by the network come Sep 24. this phone was never available in Australia, so i figured fair enough .. but my XP5 is only 3 years old, so i'll wait till next Sept when the Galaxy S77++ Ultra Giant Super is released and i'll switch then.

but today, late arvo .. i realised no SMS or calls have been coming through. i could send and make them, but not receive. but like now, today, really!?

so yeah - if you need to reach me, Signal or email me .. while i go hunt for a decent phone.

ps. i'll most likely revert back to good old Sammy cos i do like their gallery app (and hate Google's Photos)