YouTube verification badge "debacle"

YouTube verification badge "debacle" | Rizal Farok

looks like i get to keep my verified status after all - not that it bothered me in the first place though, cos i consider myself more of a Google+ Content Creator (its how i got my badge) than a YouTube Content Creator.

it all began a few days ago, when verified YouTube users got a notice about a new system/process in place, and because of this - some users, including me, will be losing our verified status. we could appeal this decision, but honestly for me, i wasn't planning to.

but apparently there was a huge furore over this. from my POV, its understandable, especially for some creators who have had the badge for like 9 years, only to have it "stripped" from them just cos they don't meet the new criteria.

so yeah, looks like YouTube has kinda backtrack on this new process and .. i get to keep my status.