Ninebot Max to work

Ninebot Max to work | Rizal Farok

am i doing this right?

yup. took the chance this morning that it won't rain within the hour, and timed myself to start my ride at exactly 6am my clock. ride was pretty smooth all the way - was in Normal mode when on the inner roads (slower acceleration and max speed), and went Sports mode while on the bike route next to the highway (max speed 25km/h). arrived office at exactly 6:30am. so that's really good.

i can probably cut the time if i decide to flash the firmware to set its max speed to 30km/h .. but i think i'll hold off for now.

anyways. not sure if i can ride home cos that's when the thunderstorms are expected to hit. but its good i got to tick off my first ride to the office.

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