Samsung Galaxy S23+

Samsung Galaxy S23+ | Rizal Farok

Samsung Galaxy S23+ was what i got yesterday. cheapest it has ever been - currently even cheaper than the smaller S23, while the Ultra was a bit much for a last minute "not enough research" buy. the FEs? the purple colourway (are we using this for phones?) was awesome but again, also not enough time to research thoroughly. so yeah .. S23+ it was.

( Optus no longer supporting XP5ii

first major difference that sticks out is the size ratio - my Sony was slimmer and taller, while this Sammy was wider and shorter. screen real estate, while about the same, is obviously more content across, less content horizontally. but my XP5 still feels more comfortable in my hands, so will still be using it for uhm, socialising.

One UI, almost as decent as i can remember it - themes is still around, but you can't seem to resize the icons. is that reason enough for me to want to root and install a mod? not yet, for now. i reckon let me get used to it for a bit first before deciding.

and yes, i have a case on. i know right .. "since when you got use case, Riz". but this is too much of an expensive unplanned buy that i have to make sure i take extra care. also .. mobile phone case prices (in store) in Perth is a fugging ridiculous rip-off scam!

air nee ways. back to setting my new Droid up. where my XDA Forum acc credentials at?

ps. dude kept asking me if i was sure i wanted this Lavender colour. like .. have we still not gone past the colour == gender stereotype?? otherwise though, he was ok-ly nice.