my first ever Solovair

my first ever Solovair | Rizal Farok

my first ever Solovair pair .. a Burgundy 11-eye Steel Toe Derby! this will replace my 16 year old Dr Martens 2B34 Sideswipe - which actually looks pretty much the same (just that DM don't make them anymore).

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Solovairs are still made in England, yet it feels so much more comfortable straight out the box, compared to my most recent Made in England DM (the red/oxblood pair). but if you're wondering, this (for now) is going to be my new "smart work and special occasion" pair .. while i continue switching between my other 2 current DMs.

as for my decommissioned 2B34 - i'm not throwing it out yet, cos i can still wear them on occasions like maybe when i do any "labour work", or the occasional light hiking.

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